Big Dream Ranch was once part of a 14,000 acre sheep ranch.      

There is a very interesting book written by Leona Dixon Cox called Single Woman Homesteader. She lived up the road in the early part of last century.

  The older building’s were built by Duke Blair and his wife. We think he might have inherited this land around 1920. Those that had debt in ‘29 through ‘34 lost their ranches. If you survived until 1940, you then had an opportunity. Wool was king for many years. Part of the reason was uniforms. You could sheer your sheep, sell your wool and rams and make enough profit to buy more land. The Blair’s did not have any children and Duke and his wife built this into a 14,000 acre ranch. They hired seasonal help with rounding up and shearing. Their ranch went back 9 miles to the west. They did it almost all on horses.      
Was probably built about 1910. If you look under it, you will see the old wood (probably redwood) beams that were used for the foundation. If you look inside, you will see a rope hanging over a now covered hole. This was for the man to hold on to while he jumped on the wool that was being put into the big gunny sacks that they used to ship the wool.
Or more correctly his shack, is near the sheep barn. It has been re roofed with metal to protect it. From about 1930 to 1936, Charlie worked here. His job was girdeling trees. He was paid 2 cents a tree when he started and 3 cents when he finished. Sheep men valued grass, not trees.